Places To Visit in Gaganbawada

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From Gaganbawada bus stand, two roads can be split in two directions. One of the roads goes to Karul Ghat and one road leads to Bhuibawada Ghat. Gaganagad is the middle point between these two ghats. In order to keep an eye on these two ghats, it was built in the 12th century, Shivaji Maharaj took this fort in 1658. From the village there is a road leading to the base of Gaganagad. The guarding walls of the fort can be seen at some places. During his early penance days Shri Gagangiri Maharaj settled in a cave known as Garbhagiri near the fort and perfected his tantrik techniques. Now there is a temple of Gurudatta and ashram of devotees of Shri Gagangiri Maharaj. During Datta jayanti, a large number of devotees visit the place and it is one of the main festivals of Gaganbawada town.

Gagangad Gagangad Gagangad

Pandav Caves(Ramling)

Pandav Caves, commonly known as Ramling are 8 km from Gagagnbawada. These caves are located near small village called Palsambe. Situated in a small gorge created by stream these caves are believed to be carved by Bhima in one night. There are three monolithic structures, "Sadhana Ghar", which were used as places of meditation during ancient days. the references of these caves are even found in the literature dating back to 5th century.

Pandav Caves(Ramling) Pandav Caves(Ramling) Pandav Caves(Ramling)

Lakhmapur Dam

On the way to Morjai from Gaganbawada one can also visit to a Lakhmapur Dam. This 1.6 TMC capacity dam is one of the largest water bodies in the area. Water is mainly used for irrigation of farms. It also has a small hydro-electricity generation unit.

Lakhmapur Dam Lakhmapur Dam Lakhmapur Dam

Morjai Temple and Plateau

For a hiking enthusiasts Morjai Plateau near Gaganbawada is Must visit. 8 km from the town at height of 980 MSL this laterite plateau is perfect example of "Sada Ecosystem". One can drive down till the base of plateau and then hike up. The hike is moderate and generally takes about 45 minutes to reach the top. At the end of the plateau stands a unique cave temple of Morjai goddess. Morjai is known as the goddess of peace and people come here to solve their disputes in front of her. A local pujari Mr Gurav 72 yrs of age does the hike twice a day to lit a lamp and clean the temple. As the monsoon comes to an end the plateau becomes a carpet of wildflowers. Some nature enthusiasts call it "Kaas" of Kolhapur district.

Morjai Temple and Plateau Morjai Temple and Plateau Morjai Temple and Plateau

Karul Ghat

Karul ghat are one of the most scenic routes which originate from Gaganbawada and connect the Deccan Plateau to coastal region, Konkan, of Maharashtra. Karul Ghat descends towards Vaibbhavwadi and is 19 km in length. The road condition is pretty good. This route further goes up to Talere and meets NH17 (Mumbai-Goa highway). This ghats have scenic views of valleys and hills. At the start of the ghats near Gaganbawada there are view points from where one can enjoy the sun set.

Karul Ghat Karul Ghat Karul Ghat

D Y Patil Sugar Factory

D. Y. Patil Sugar Factory is the only big industry in this area and provides a good opportunity for enthusiast to understand the process of sugar making. If you are lucky one of the engineers may accompany you and explain the process in detail.

D Y Patil Sugar Factory D Y Patil Sugar Factory D Y Patil Sugar Factory

Kode Dam

The dam is located in Kode village, 48 km from Kolhapur and 20 km from Gaganbawada. This place is a good place to spend some time with friends. The forest is surrounded by this dam so we can enjoy the jungle safari here

Kode Dam Kode Dam Kode Dam

Bhairavnath Temple Vetwade

This temple is known as an excellent model of Vastu art. Some of the special features of this temple are the beautiful and spacious temple about 5 feet high. The construction of the temple of is 2173 Sq Feet and 4000 sq. Footpath area

Bhairavnath Temple Vetwade Bhairavnath Temple Vetwade Bhairavnath Temple Vetwade

Vesarf Dam

Vesarf Dam is a small dam (Pazar Pond). This place is good for bird watching and kayaking activities. Fishing arrangements are likely to be done with the consent of the community that owns the fishing rights.

Vesarf Dam Vesarf Dam Vesarf Dam