Gaganbawda is a village known as Cherrapunji of Maharashtra. This distance from Kolhapur is 55 km. This village is the main place of taluka. All the areas here are forever green due to the tornado that falls here, Gaganbawada taluka is also known as "Mini Mahabaleshwar". Most of the places in tourism are in this taluka. The purpose of this information is to reach people through this website. The purpose of this website is to make the maximum number of people visit.

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How to get here

Gaganbawada lies on State Highway 115 and is well connected. There is a good frequency of state transport buses from Kolhapur, Vaibhavwadi and Kharepatan. Few private buses from Pune and Mumbai going to Goa can drop you at Gaganbawada. Nearest railway stations are Vaibhawadi (20 km), Kolhapur (50 km) and Kankavali. Pune airport is approximately 290 km from Gaganbawada.

Distance From Gaganbawada

  1. 55 KM Kolhapur
  2. 288 KM Pune
  3. 19 KM Vaibhavwadi
  4. 33 KM Talere
  5. 55 KM Kankavali
  6. 450 KM Mumbai

Why To Visit

  1. historical,cultural place
  2. hill station
  3. Lovers paradise
  4. enjoy rain and waterfalls in ghats
  5. trekking,camping heaven
  6. wild animal,birds sightings
  7. secure excursion and not risk of theft