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GAGANBAWADA is a town situated in the district of Kolhapur in Maharashtra, India. Gaganbawada is located on the sahyadri range or the Western Ghats also has a very famous fort Gagangad near it. It is located 55 km by road from Kolhapur. It is the taluka headquarters. Gaganbawada is well known for rain. Because of heavy rainfall Gaganbawada is also known as Mini Mahabaleshwar. Nature of Gaganbawada is always pleasant. Climate of Gaganbawada is always cool. Gaganbawada Tourism offers you most scenic views of mighty mountain ranges of Western Ghats. This Gaganbawada tourism website gives you information about hotels in Gaganbawada, Different agro tourism resorts in Gaganbawada, resorts in Gaganbawada and different tourist spots from Gaganbawada. Gaganbawada tourism website will work like a guide for tourist. Gaganbawada has rich historical and mythological background. It also has a gift of diverse biodiversity. The flora and fauna in the forests around Gaganbawada will mesmerise any nature lover.